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Personal Injury Lawyers That Make A Difference

Personal injuries are among the most common cases, but that doesn’t mean they’re simple. Any injury matter is a complex interaction of laws and insurance coverages, which can be dizzying for anyone to sort out. That’s why you need to turn to a personal injury legal team that can dedicate its full attention to your needs.

At Toresco & Simonelli Attorneys At Law, we are all about dedication. We’re all about service. We promise each of our clients from West Islip and across Long Island to listen to their stories and fight for what they need to get better. We are advocates for you.

Our Personal Injury Practice

With over 30 combined years of experience in personal injury law across New York, we’ve handled every type of case. We can provide you with insightful advice and strong advocacy on such issues as:

  • Car crashes: Any accident involving vehicles on the road can result in devastating injuries. This includes truck crashes, hit-and-runs and pedestrian accidents.
  • Injuries on another’s property: Property owners must maintain safe premises, and if they don’t, they can be liable for damages after a range of accidents.
  • Construction accidents: New York has some of the most complex laws around accidents related to construction. These are complicated laws, but we can help.

No matter how bad the injury is or the obstacles the insurance company has placed in your way are, we will persevere for you. Our experienced personal injury lawyers will build a strategy with you and keep you informed the whole way through.

Our Commitment To Service

When we take you on as a client, we take over the medical billing and insurance process. We provide you with all the information you require and aggressively pursue the money you need to recover.

The bottom line is this: When we make a promise to fight for you, we keep that promise.

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Call us at 631-830-6329, text us at 631-518-6410, or send our lawyers an email to schedule a consultation. We do not take a fee unless we are successful for you. We want to show you how our team will make a difference for you.