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Construction Injuries Are Hard To Handle

Anyone who works in New York construction doesn’t need us to tell them how dangerous the job is. When there is an accident on a construction site, the possible injuries are enormous. You need to consult a legal team that understands the law and will fight for the compensation you deserve.

At Toresco & Simonelli Attorneys At Law, we are attorneys who work hard for construction workers across Long Island and New York state from our office in West Islip. We have over 30 combined years of experience and have successfully fought for injured construction workers before. We know you’re struggling. We know we can help.

What You Should Know About Construction Accidents

New York has two sets of laws meant to encourage construction worker safety. They are “the scaffolding law” and the New York building code. Both laws punish property owners for neglecting proper safety measures on their construction sites. Violations of either law that lead to injuries are highly complex matters.

Essentially, property owners who do not take proper steps are responsible if workers receive injuries such as:

  • Toxic exposure
  • Injuries from falling tools and objects
  • Injuries from construction machinery
  • Falls from scaffolding

Proving these matters can be difficult. Often, the victims of the accident are severely or mortally injured. We provide the attentive, experienced legal assistance that our clients need to move forward in their pursuit of just compensation.

Compassionate Service. Aggressive Advocacy.

This is a hard time for you. At best, you’re out of work for a significant period of time. At worst, you’re dealing with an unimaginable loss. We want to talk to you and help you understand the way forward.

We are personal injury lawyers who take pride in our communication with clients. We text. We FaceTime. We use Zoom and WhatsApp. Our staff speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Greek. We constantly update you on your case, where things are and where they may go.

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