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Why SUVs aren’t as safe as people think

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2024 | Car accidents

SUVs have been a success for auto manufacturers. They now account for 80% of new car sales. Much of it stems from the messaging manufacturers have used. They have convinced everyday city dwellers they need a style of vehicle originally designed for when the asphalt ran out.

How have they done it? They’ve preached safety. They’ve convinced drivers that being high off the ground in a chunky vehicle is the best way to protect their families.

SUV safety is a half-truth with a dark secret

It’s true that SUVs are good at protecting their occupants. Their bulked-out shell puts more distance between them and anything that might crash into the vehicle. What manufacturers fail to mention is that SUVs are more dangerous than a standard car for anyone outside the vehicle.

Increased mass 

An SUV will hit another vehicle, cyclist, pedestrian or motorcyclist with more force than a standard car in the same way that a charging hippopotamus would do more harm than a horse. 

Increased front-end height 

A high front end can make it much harder for a driver to see something right in front of them – for example, a child crossing the road, a cyclist, or someone on a disability scooter.

The high-front end also means the SUV will hit a person higher up their body – striking directly at their head, heart, lungs or other vital organs. Traditional cars hit people lower down, giving them more chance to survive.

It’s also likely that some drivers feel more confident when driving an SUV – they think it will protect them no matter what, so they take more risks, increasing the chance of a collision.

If a driver in an SUV hits you, there is a good chance you will suffer serious injuries that require considerable compensation. Appropriate legal help will increase your chances of getting it.