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4 injuries you may suffer during a slip and fall accident

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2023 | Personal injury

A slip and fall accident may be caused by wet flooring, uneven surfaces, loose or torn carpeting, spills, exposed wiring and unsafe stairs. If you are involved in such an accident, you may suffer injuries.

Here are four common injuries: 

Spinal cord injuries 

When you fall, a vertebra housing your spine may break or dislocate. Bone fragments from the fracture may compress the spinal cord, resulting in an injury. A spinal cord injury may lead to paralysis, extreme back/neck pain and loss of normal bladder/bowel function.


The force from a fall can crack your bone or completely break it, that is, if the bone can’t withstand the force. Such an injury may also result in damage to surrounding tissues. 

Head injuries 

Hitting your head on the floor can lead to a cut or bump or severe outcomes like a concussion, a deep cut or a skull fracture. Head injuries can be life-threatening.

Knee injuries

A knee injury from a fall can be minor, such as an abrasion (when your knee rubs off against a rough surface like cement), or severe, such as torn ligaments or a fracture. Further, falling on a sharp object may lead to a knee laceration. Serious knee injuries may take months to fully heal.

If you suffer any of the above-discussed injuries or more, you should get medical help, even when you believe the injury is minor. Medical care can control the effects of an injury. Additionally, medical documentation will be crucial if you take action against the property owner.

A slip and fall accident can affect your life considerably. It will be best to get legal guidance to help receive the compensation you deserve.