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What are New York’s deadliest roads?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Car accidents

Collisions can potentially happen anywhere in New York City and across the state, but some roads experience far more crashes than others. Traffic density, average road speeds and even local urban planning can all contribute to the likelihood of a crash occurring at a specific location.

Motorists who know where the worst crashes happen can more easily protect themselves from a wreck.

The deadliest road is in NYC

According to an analysis of fatal collisions between 2017 and 2019, there were 2,725 fatal collisions in New York during that time. Eight of those deadly crashes occurred on 3rd Avenue between 7th Street and 52nd Street in Brooklyn.

The second most dangerous street in the state is also in Brooklyn. Atlantic Avenue between Rochester Avenue and 85th Avenue saw seven traffic fatalities. Several other streets in the top 10 deadliest in the state are in New York City.

Bruckner Boulevard between Balcom Avenue and Jackson Avenue saw six traffic deaths, and so did Woodhaven Boulevard between 91st Avenue and Dry Harbor Road. Northern Boulevard between 70th Street and Main Street in Queens saw five crashes and seven deaths, while Flatbush Avenue between Avenue V and Midwood Street saw six deaths. South Conduit Avenue is the last New York City street in the top 10, where six people died between Sutter Avenue and Rockaway Boulevard.

Other cities also have deadly streets

New York City is not the only place where people are at increased risk of a fatal traffic crash. Motorists in Islip on CR-93 between Richmond Boulevard and 13th Street have every reason to worry about their safety, as that is the third deadliest Street in the state. Drivers in Rochester are at increased risk when on Lake Avenue between Denise Road and Phelps Avenue. Finally, drivers in Babylon on SR-27 are also on one of the most dangerous roads when between Albany Avenue and Harvard Road.

Researchers note that the most common causes for these collisions included drunk driving, speeding and distraction, which are all factors that drivers can control. Motorists throughout the state may need help after they get hurt in a crash, and family members may also find themselves struggling when someone dies unexpectedly after a wreck. Knowing and avoiding the deadliest roads in New York could help people avoid or better respond to a recent motor vehicle collision.