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The 4 most dangerous drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Car accidents

There are millions of drivers on the road. Many of these drivers have a higher chance of causing an accident. 

You may need to learn what kind of drivers raise the risk of auto accidents. Here’s what you should know about the dangerous drivers out there sharing the roads with you. They may include:

1. Drunk drivers

The number of drunk driving accidents outranks every other cause of auto accidents. Alcohol severely impairs drivers, which is why it’s against the law to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. People who drink alcohol will find that their focus is impaired, they experience slower reaction times and they have decreased vision and poor judgment. Because of this, dunk drivers are very likely to swerve, run lights, make illegal turns and many other kinds of driving violations. 

2. Drowsy drivers

Many people don’t consider how dangerous it is to drive while tired. Many people can’t help driving while drowsy after a hard day of work or traveling long distances. But, the simple fact is that drowsy driving may be worse than drunk driving

Drowsy drivers may experience many of the same symptoms drunk drivers experience. However, they may also have a higher chance of falling asleep behind the wheel. If a driver isn’t awake while driving, then they’re not going to have control over their vehicle. 

3. Teen drivers

It’s likely been a long time since you first learned how to drive your car. Do you remember how stressful it must have been? Many teens are learning to drive cars for the first time and they’re likely to be anxious, which is one cause of auto accidents. Anxiety can cause drivers to make rash decisions that can be fatal.

Furthermore, teen drivers may have a higher chance of looking at their phones when driving. Phones are one of the many causes of distracted driving. Even just a few seconds of distracted driving could cause an accident.

4. Elderly drivers

Teen drivers aren’t the only ones who may look at their phones when driving. Elderly drivers may use phones to navigate, which can be distracting. As stated above, distracted driving often causes accidents. 

Elderly drivers may also have health problems, such as poor eyesight. A health concern like poor eyesight may mean they can’t see some object in front of them, leading to an accident.

If you’re in an accident with a driver, you should know your legal right to seek compensation