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Pay freezes could mean safety concerns for rideshare passengers

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Car accidents

Many people who travel through Long Island will happily make use of taxis or rideshare services instead of trying to drive themselves. It can be both more cost-effective and more convenient to make use of paid ride services around Long Island rather than incurring the many costs of vehicle ownership, including parking expenses, insurance costs and fuel.

Of course, rideshare services only work when people are willing to sell their time and access to their vehicle. Recently, a lawsuit involving Uber has resulted in a pay freeze for its New York drivers, which could be reason for concern for people in the Long Island area.

Drivers may end up spread too thin

It is common for adults who drive for Uber or Lyft to also work for other companies, possibly delivering hot meals or groceries. Given that Uber has fought back against increasing wages despite increasing costs for its drivers, there could be safety concerns for those who order rideshare services in the Long Island area.

The high cost of parking and gas will contribute to drivers needing to work more than usual to generate the same amount of money after the pay freeze. In some cases, drivers may multitask so much that distraction becomes a concern. Other times, drivers may spend so long at work that they become increasingly fatigued because they cannot get enough rest. Those stressed about money might also start to abuse drugs and alcohol, which could eventually lead to poor decisions and a crash.

What happens after a rideshare collision?

Passengers in rideshare vehicles are often confused about what rights they have after a crash, which is also true for those hit by someone driving for a rideshare company.

The status of the driver at the time of the collision, including whether they were on their way to pick up a passenger or had one in their vehicle, will influence what insurance coverage is available. There may be a company policy available to passengers hurt in rideshare vehicles or to those struck by a driver with a passenger in their vehicle at the time of a crash.

Recognizing the shifting culture around rideshare work and also knowing what protects you if you get hurt in a crash can help you feel more confident about getting into a rideshare vehicle.