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What causes a ceiling collapse? 

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2024 | Ceiling collapses

A ceiling collapse can be unexpected and dangerous. People could suffer significant injuries. It could also create a dangerous living situation where there are health hazards, like exposure to mold, asbestos or air contamination.

But what leads to a ceiling collapse? It’s not common, which is why people sometimes overlook signs that it may occur in the future. Here are a few common causes to consider.

Water issues

One of the main problems is when there’s water leaking above the ceiling, weakening the drywall or plaster. Perhaps there’s a leak around an upstairs shower that causes a downstairs kitchen ceiling to collapse, for example. Even a slow leak can cause water damage over time.

Age and time

Those in older homes need to be aware that the age of the building itself makes a ceiling collapse more likely. If the plaster was installed 100 years ago, the house may have shifted and settled significantly. People need to look for cracks in their ceilings and other signs that the materials are starting to break down. 

Poor workmanship or materials

Even in a new build, a ceiling collapse is possible. This could happen because the materials used are not correct for the job or are low-quality options. It could also happen due to poor workmanship, such as drywall installers forgetting to use glue adhesive and relying only on screws.

Seeking compensation 

Regardless of why the ceiling collapse happens, it could cause serious injuries. Those who have been hurt need to know how to seek compensation for their medical bills and other costs, which could go well beyond just repairing the ceiling.