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Intersections along Main Street in Bay Shore see many crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2023 | Car accidents

Long Island is a very busy region with thousands of vehicles traveling the local roads at any given point. Bay Shore has plenty of locals who drive, as well as traffic just passing through the area. Although the vast majority of people reach their destinations safely, car crashes are also a part of daily life wherever many vehicles are sharing the streets.

Recently, collisions in Bay Shore have made the news because of how unusual they have been. There have been multiple incidents in recent months where vehicles have struck buildings. Most recently, a vehicle struck a home in Bay Shore, crashing into an occupied bedroom

However, such crashes are actually relatively unusual and rare. Most motor vehicle collisions occur on the road, and Main Street sees a significant number of collisions that occur in the Bay Shore area.

Where do many Bay Shore collisions occur?

The Bay Shore area of West Islip sees plenty of major crashes, especially on Main Street. Main Street essentially bisects the area, running from East Islip to Babylon and beyond, as New York State Route 27A. Crashes could occur at any of the major intersections in the area, including Brentwood Road, Maple Avenue and Clinton Avenue. 

Other roads and intersections also see major crashes. For example, the intersection of 5th Avenue and Dowsing Avenue was the location of a major motorcycle-car collision over the summer. The 5th Avenue exit was also the location of the recent crash where a driver struck a residence. 

Collision risk is higher during times of heavy traffic, such as during the afternoon rush hour. Certain choices, like turning left at those intersections during busy times, would increase the likelihood of someone getting into a wreck. 

What can drivers due to limit their risks?

Every driver involved in a crash in Bay Shore, West Islip or Long Island should have New York liability insurance as required by the law. People can file insurance claims to recoup property damage losses and expenses related to personal injuries. In scenarios involving extreme and unusual losses, such as when a driver crashes through someone’s house, a lawsuit may be necessary to recover the extreme expenses generated in such circumstances. 

Those involved in Bay Shore collisions often need help reviewing available insurance coverage or determining whether a lawsuit is a feasible option. Reviewing the circumstances of a crash can help people explore their options for compensation after a West Islip car wreck.