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Why is medical attention so important in car accident claims?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2023 | Car accidents

As you may know all too well, the consequences of vehicle accident injuries can affect many parts of life for victims. They can cause physical pain and hardships, deplete your resources and impact your current and future earning capacity.

Like most people, you are likely counting on your car accident payout to minimize the financial consequences of the collision. Of course, you have the right to expect fair compensation, but there is always the risk of not getting what you deserve.

Failing to seek treatment for your crash injuries and not following your treatment plan is one way your compensation could be in danger.

Medical records can prove your injuries

Many people deviate from their treatment plan when they are sick or injured, but doing so after a car accident can wreck your case. You need to seek treatment for your harm and follow your doctor’s orders and treatment plan.

The involved insurance companies may claim your injuries do not warrant financial compensation if you do not follow the doctor’s orders. That means:

  • Taking your medications precisely as prescribed
  • Attending all your follow-up appointments
  • Complying with restrictions or limitations placed on your physical activities
  • Keeping track of your symptoms and progress
  • Reporting any changes or complications to your treatment team

Following doctors’ orders will help you recover faster and avoid any complications or worsening of your injuries. It will also show the insurer that your injuries are not exaggerated or fabricated. Remember to obtain copies of all medical records associated with your car accident, as they are a critical form of evidence.

Learn about no-fault insurance laws

New York is one of a few states that follow no-fault insurance laws. That means filing a claim here is a bit different than doing so in some other states. Legal guidance can help ensure you don’t make serious mistakes during the claims process that might threaten your injury award.