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What are the hazards of autumn driving?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2023 | Car accidents

Fall in New York can be lovely, but just like every season, it presents its own set of hazards that heighten the risks of motorists getting into a wreck. Fortunately, prudent drivers can learn to avoid most of these dangers with a little forethought and care behind the wheel.

Below are some of the conditions and circumstances that cause autumn car wrecks.

Increased foot traffic on the roads

From children walking to school bus stops or walking or biking to school each day, there is an uptick of young pedestrians at drivers’ morning rush hours and in the late afternoons. Add to that the many fall festivals and Halloween trick-or-treating times that generate even more foot traffic, and pedestrians have plenty of reasons to slow down and drive safely.

Falling leaves

While Long Island doesn’t get the throngs of leaf peepers that New England does, our fall foliage is still lovely. But when those leaves fall and get wet, they create a road hazard for those on two- or four-wheels.

Longer nights

Daylight Savings Time will end shortly, causing the clocks to fall back an hour and making the nights darker and longer. It can be challenging for inexperienced and older drivers to navigate on moonless nights.

Foggy weather conditions

Long Island residents have a lot of experience driving in fog. But that doesn’t make it any safer when visibility hits zero. Stay off the roads until the fog burns off or reduce your speed accordingly to avoid a collision.

When a wreck occurs

Even the safest, most vigilant drivers are only as safe as their fellow motorists. If someone causes you injuries or damage in an autumn auto accident, learning more about your right to seek civil redress can be empowering.