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What can drivers do to keep pedestrians safer?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Pedestrian knock-downs

It can be devastating when a car hits you when crossing the road or during your evening walk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 7,388 pedestrians were killed in 2021. This is an alarming rate.

Drivers can prevent such accidents by observing safety measures, including:

1. Yielding to pedestrians

Drivers should yield to pedestrians both at marked and unmarked crosswalks. They should come to a complete stop until a pedestrian has safely crossed and allow other drivers to see crossing passengers. Failing to yield, moving before a passenger crosses, or passing vehicles at a crosswalk may lead to an accident.

It’s crucial to yield to pedestrians even when one might not have the right of way. Threatening to run down a pedestrian can be dangerous.  

2. Not driving drunk or distracted

Drunk and distracted driving are among the leading causes of pedestrian accidents. A drunk or distracted driver may fail to notice a pedestrian sooner. Drivers should always be on the lookout for passengers. 

3. Being careful when turning

Some pedestrian accidents involve a turning vehicle, especially left-turning ones. When preparing to turn, drivers should slow down, look both ways to ensure oncoming lanes are clear and be ready to stop. 

4. Following traffic laws

Obeying traffic laws, such as speed limits, stop signs and traffic lights, can significantly keep pedestrians safe. It’s also vital for pedestrians to observe traffic laws.

5. Driving safely in harsh conditions

In harsh conditions, such as at night or in bad weather – when visibility is poor, drivers should be extra careful. This includes driving slowly and keeping their windshields clean. 

Drivers owe a duty of care to pedestrians. If you are involved in an accident as a pedestrian, you should consider legal guidance to protect your rights.