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What are your rights after ceiling collapses in New York rentals?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Ceiling collapses, Uncategorized

Your ceiling is a part of your dwelling space that you tend to take for granted. People are often very aware of their walls, as they may have art or mirrors on the walls that they look at frequently. Floors are where you drop things and spill your dinner, but the ceiling is out of reach and easy to ignore.

Unfortunately, ceilings and the structures above them can also be altogether too easy for landlords to neglect. Improper property maintenance could lead to a serious issue for tenants at a residential property. They could experience a ceiling collapse, where drywall, wood support beams and other materials come crashing down into their living space. Such incidents can cause massive property damage or severe injuries.

What protects you after a ceiling collapse in New York?

You may have insurance that applies

Many landlords right terms into their leases requiring that their tenants have renters insurance. You may need to make a claim against your own coverage for property damage losses, such as damage to your furniture and electronics or any medical bills that result from sealing materials striking people in your apartment. Your coverage could also pay for a place to live temporarily.

However, especially when the ceiling collapse is the result of a landlord deferring maintenance or overlooking obvious issues with their property, you could potentially bring a claim against their insurance or file a lawsuit against the landlord in civil court.

Losses may go beyond the immediate expenses

When the ceiling comes down in your living room and bedroom, you don’t just need a new sofa and a new mattress. You may also need to pay for a temporary living arrangement for the next few weeks or the cost to relocate to a new apartment when you head intended to stay in that unit indefinitely.

An injury could also cost more than just your hospital bills. It could affect your work and reduce your income. Your injury might also mean that you can no longer do all of the same tasks around your apartment and instead require some kind of professional support. You need to figure out exactly how much collapse will cost you when looking at your options.

Holding landlords accountable can text tenants who suffer injuries and property damage because improper building maintenance causes a ceiling collapse.