Scaffolds are used in virtually every major construction project. They are temporary structures that are built onsite to give workers elevation and access to all parts of the building. An estimated 65 percent of construction workers perform their duties on or from a scaffold, much of the time at extreme heights. Construction workers put their lives at risk every time they use a scaffold. Working on scaffolds and other platforms can be extremely dangerous. Injuries are often life-threatening and career ending. Construction workers in NYC have special legal protections when they are injured on a scaffold. Construction workers must be provided with equipment that avoids accidents when working under dangerous conditions. A scaffold — steel, rolling or wooden — is designed to stand up to varied construction work. Unfortunately, there are numerous factors that can lead to a collapse, including:

  • Improper or negligent assembly

  • Faulty materials

  • Failure to perform a daily inspection

  • Exceeding the weight limit

  • Failure to secure a ladder

  • Failure to use proper safety equipment