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Wintertime Hazards For Pedestrians

Walking down the street in winter shouldn’t be dangerous. However, some property owners neglect their basic responsibility to public safety, leaving you at risk of a severe fall. When that happens, you can receive extremely painful and expensive injuries.

We are Toresco & Simonelli Attorneys At Law. We are personal injury attorneys serving people from West Islip and all over Long Island. After a slip on an icy walk, you might not think that you’ve been hurt too badly, but you may not know for some time. We are zealous advocates for you and can make a difference in your case.

Why Owners Are Liable For Slip-And-Falls

New York law holds that property owners are responsible for snow removal from their entries, the walkways and sidewalks. This means that after each snowstorm, ice storm or freeze, a property owner must:

  • Remove the snow properly
  • Treat slippery areas with salt or ice melt
  • Ensure a large enough passage
  • Warn people of dangerous conditions beyond their control

Slippery, icy sidewalks are singularly dangerous every winter, and just one lazy morning can lead a person into a dangerous fall. If you fall on an unshoveled walk, you have every right to pursue compensation.

Fighting Insurance For You

In most cases, while the property owner’s actions may cause your injury, they often would help you if it were up to them. It isn’t. The real oppositions in slip-and-fall cases are the insurance companies. They don’t want to pay a dime for any injury, no matter the circumstance.

We will fight for the recovery and compensation you deserve. It isn’t your fault that you fell, and that’s the point. We will hold the line and fight for you.

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