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Self-driving cars might be the new frontier, but they still pose immense risks to drivers and pedestrians today. Roadways will almost certainly see more self-driving cars – also called autonomous vehicles – in the near future, which opens up new opportunities for serious accidents and injuries.

Toresco & Simonelli Attorneys At Law is at the forefront of personal injury law by handling accident claims involving self-driving vehicles. Few law firms handle this emerging practice area – but we do. Our Long Island attorneys are innovative and knowledgeable leaders in the field who can represent you if you have damages as the result of autonomous driving technology.

What Causes Autonomous Vehicle Accidents?

Self-driving cars do not always comprehend or respond to sensory data the same way that humans do. As a result, even the most sophisticated self-driving car in existence can contribute to a crash. Accidents involving autonomous driving technology can have several sources of liability:

  • Drivers: Even when using self-driving technology, drivers have an obligation to operate their vehicles safely.
  • Auto manufacturers: Auto manufacturers do not provide any training on how to use the self-driving technology in their vehicles.
  • Technology developers: Defective or dangerous technology that could result in harm to consumers.

Questions of liability in these cases can become exceedingly complex. Fortunately, our lawyers understand how to investigate the crash thoroughly, examining the records of in-car devices to determine exactly which party holds fault.

We Have The Answers To Questions About Self-Driving Vehicles

Because autonomous vehicles are fairly new, there are sill many questions surrounding them – especially when they are involved in an accident. Below, you can read some information we have provided to answer some frequently asked questions.

Are There Specific Regulations Or Laws Regarding The Testing And Deployment Of Self-driving Cars?

Currently, 29 states have passed legislation related to self-driving cars, including New York State. In New York, cars with self-driving technology must:

  • Comply with state inspection standards
  • Have a licensed driver at the wheel at all times

However, the regulations that govern self-driving vehicles will almost certainly change in the near future with the constant development of new technology.

Can A Person Injured In A Self-driving Car Accident Sue The Manufacturer?

In some situations, yes. If the accident occurred in part due to a malfunction of the self-driving technology, the manufacturer may be liable for damages.

Can A Person Be Held Personally Liable For A Self-driving Car Accident?

The person operating the vehicle still has an obligation not to behave negligently or recklessly. If their actions or lack of action contributed to the crash, then they may be on the line for damages.

Are There Different Legal Standards For Accidents Involving Partially Autonomous Vehicles Versus Fully Autonomous Ones?

Partially autonomous vehicles require a driver behind the wheel at all times. In these accidents, it is possible for the driver to share partial or full liability for a crash. Fully autonomous vehicles do not require a driver. In accidents involving fully autonomous vehicles, liability usually falls on the manufacturer.

Can A Self-driving Car’s Ai System Be Responsible For An Accident?

If a fully autonomous vehicle’s AI technology caused the accident, then yes, the developer of the AI may be at fault. If the crash involved a partially autonomous vehicle that relied on the driver, the AI developer may still have some fault if the technology contributed to the incident.

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