Building owners and contractors are responsible for safety around scaffolds. They should prevent site debris accidents through the use of safety nets and through enforcement of hardhat-wearing rules. Falling debris is a common cause of injuries on construction sites. Construction debris, tools, supplies, loose tiles, and other objects dropped from a height can cause severe injuries as well as wrongful death. There are several ways that falling debris on a construction site can result in serious injuries:

  • Failure to secure equipment. Tall scaffolding is on many construction sites, and tools and materials are routinely stored at great heights. All equipment must be secured safely to prevent it from falling and injuring people on the ground. We also represent clients who suffered serious injuries in scaffolding collapses and other accidents involving scaffolding.

  • Failure to inspect equipment. The tools and methods used to secure objects must be inspected regularly to ensure that the construction site is safe.

  • Barricade is too close. No one should be close to a construction site without a hard hat. If the barricade between the site and the sidewalk or street is too close, pedestrians may be at risk.